zhanfeng: small down the closing technical indicators worsened!

update: 2017-10-17

original title:zhan feng:small down close, technical indicators worsened!today's broader market is a narrow range, the amount is the lowest since june30, although today the market stabilized at 30 days line, but the japaneselevel technology is not getting

b shares continue to be high probability events

update: 2017-10-15

original title:b shares continue upward is a high probability eventthe first trading week after the holiday, b-share market is differentiation,which shanghai b refers to the finished lower, closing at 360.1 points, theweek fell 0.42%; deep b refers to the

jin jiu about a shares of silver ten fineness geometry

update: 2017-10-15

li guowang:october market if the opportunity to achieve counterattack, theremust be a basic premise:first, the introduction of policies conducive to thestock market, these policies include monetary policy, fiscal policy,especially state-owned enterprise c

the rise of environmental protection stocks rose more than%

update: 2017-10-14

the original title:the rise of environmental protection stocks rose more than3% of the gemnational day holiday after the first week, a shares remarkable performance.on monday, the three major indexes all overturned more than 1%, the broadermarket upside,

zhan feng: narrow range of shock signal appears again!

update: 2017-10-13

original title:zhan feng:within a narrow range, the peak signal appears again!real-time chart, the performance of eight stocks is better than two shares,but the japanese line to escape the safety indicators appeared, some peoplewill ask:this rose a few po

the hang seng index is struggling to rise

update: 2017-10-13

the short selling price of hong kong equities is hk$8.717 billion, the shortselling ratio is 9.62%, and the short selling price is 560.(00339) shortselling hk$86.6 million, accounting for 4.43%; tencent holdings(00339) shortselling hk$481 million(hk$0.389

market hot spots come and go theme fund crowded

update: 2017-10-13

the first half of the year, to"beautiful 50"as the representative of the valueof shares.dominate.but since the second half, the market gradually spread the hot,cycle, new energy vehicles, medical and other sectors of the thiscontext, a variety

buffett bought the chinese company stock a month up the%

update: 2017-10-13

brand byd's major investors, its h shares in the past month rose 55%.the article said,"china made 2025"plan requires 2025, independent brands ofpure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars with an annual sales of 3million, the market share of over 80%.b

unicom: non-public offering of the audit by the commission approved

update: 2017-10-12

original title:china unicom:non-public offering by the sfc for approval[zhongguancun online news] oct.11 news, china united network communicationsco., ltd.(china unicom) announced that its non-public offering program wasapproved by the sfc.china unicom 's